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World Class physiotherapy & alternative medicine

Physical impairment caused by injury, illness, or disability. Physiotherapy uses massage, exercise, and manual manipulation.

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We at Relief offer world-class solutions in physiotherapy & alternative medicine
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  • Physiotherapy & Alternative Medicine
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Should I see a doctor or have an x-ray done before visiting a physical therapist?

It depends on the specific situation. Consulting a doctor or getting an x-ray may be recommended before seeing a physical therapist.

When do I need to visit a physical therapist?

Visit a physical therapist if you have pain, limited mobility, or are recovering from an injury/surgery.

Do you have rehabilitation for pelvic floor and diastasis recti?

Yes, we offer rehabilitation for pelvic floor and diastasis recti.

What is the role of physiotherapy for chronic pain conditions?

Physiotherapy helps manage and alleviate chronic pain through targeted exercises and therapies.

Should I start a physiotherapy rehabilitation after back surgery for sciatica?

Yes, physiotherapy rehabilitation is often recommended after back surgery for sciatica.

What is the role of physiotherapy for cerebral palsy children?

Physiotherapy plays a crucial role in improving mobility and function for children with cerebral palsy.

What is the importance of resistance exercises?

Resistance exercises are important for building strength, improving endurance, and promoting overall physical health.

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Clients' reviews

A word of Client equal thousand of us

Samira Kawas
Samira Kawas
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Great customer service. I Had back pain and was treated by Dr. Abdullah Alqshere, his treatment changed my life. Recommend big time. If you have body aches, its the place to go to.
Mohammad Munaaf
Mohammad Munaaf
Read More
I have had a lower backache for several years which I kept neglecting until I reached a point where it was unbearable. I came across some good reviews about Dr. Abdullah and decided to meet him. He really turned out to be an expert - assured me that he will help me recover in just 5 sessions. At first, it was hard to believe him because of the level of pain and discomfort I was going through.
Taghreed Charara
Taghreed Charara
Read More
I highly recommend this center. Dr Marwan Allaf is the best acupuncturist in Jeddah, instant pain relief and great results in dealing with chronic illnesses like arthritis and migraine . He is very professional . The staff is very kind and friendly.
Antonio B.
Antonio B.
Read More
Great treatment from the reception staff and personalized and very professional attention from Dr Alaa Babi. Great job, thanks!!!
Naseeba Khouja
Naseeba Khouja
Read More
Hands down one of the top holistic centers in Jeddah, a rare find. The specialists here go above and beyond to give you their best. Very friendly and calm atmosphere. They provide cupping, various massages, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, physical therapy and everything in between. Thank you Dr. Marwan and team for all what you do!.
Cali Maxamed
Cali Maxamed
Read More
Dr. Abdulaziz Bin Ghalib and the Physio Therapist Mr.Jaber know what they are doing. Excellent, Excellent, Excellent. Professional, knowledgeable, understanding, encouraging and supportive thought the process. Fixed my impinged/frozen shoulder. Highly recommended.
faisal hafez
faisal hafez
Read More
I booked a consultation session with Dr. Abdullah Al-Qesheri as i have faced some issues with my upper back and shoulders and was recommended to have 5 therapy sessions.
nurmadania jumli
nurmadania jumli
Read More
A highly recommended center. Services offered for my treatment were all excellent and I specially recommend Doctor Abdullah alqshere, excellent doctor and full of wisdom. He teach me proper exercises as well for my piriformis syndrome and lifestyle modification to follow healthy lifestyle and be happy always alhamdulillah.

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